Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 40 - Nashville

Along Broadway, Nashville. This is the poster printing place that has been operating for decades. This company has the monopoly on the Grand Ole Opry and concert posters. Their posters go for a tidy sum and are collector items

The working end of the poster printing workshop along Broadway Nashville. The guide didn't know what the trade "compositors" are? 

Some old posters that relive the past in the Poster Printing place, Nashville

Minnie Pearl on the right, we can't remember the name of the gentleman on the left. Nevertheless, These two musicians were the mainstay of the old..old Grand Ole Opry (now Ryman Auditorium). Nashville, Tennessee. They were active during the 40's and 50's.

Us, inside the Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

Anne and walking guide - right on the sport where the Everly Brothers were discovered. Also the archway is the backstage exit for singers such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams etc etc. It was just ten steps away to enter the rear entrance to bars and clubs and continue their music to the public 

What you can't find in country & western, bluegrass, blues etc - it doesn't exist. The myriads of CD, vinyls, DVDs in the Ernest Tubb Record Shop of Nashville

The front wall of the Music Hall of Fame, Nashville. Notice the piano keys on the wall?

He's over 80 year old and lives in Nashville. The star walk of fame in Nashville

The photo was taken on the spot of Little Richard's walk of fame star. The building is the Nashville Hilton. On the top is Little Richard's private and permanent penthouse suite - complete with servants and butler.

Almost next to our Holiday Inn Hotel - The Nashville High School building. Dinah Shore was a graduate from here.

Prior to the radio show starting the inside of the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tennessee

Minnie Pearl was an past Grand Ole Opry performer. Her style of presentation still goes on in the radio show. This is a impersonator prior to the show's commencement. Minnie Pearl's trade mark was the price tag hanging down her hat

The first performer is the "Riders In The Sky". Great Tennessee music at its best. At the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville

We were near the stage in the Grand Ole Opry. The group performing is the "Riders In The Sky"

An excellent singer in the Grand Ole Opry "Craig Campbell". We bought his CD album.

True Hillbilly music from the group led by "Mike Snider". At the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville

Our highlight star of the evening "B.J. Thomas" singing an old favourite. His main hit was "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head". At the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville

An old Opry performer "Whispering Bill Anderson" at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville

A new star and her debut at the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville - "Ashley Monroe".

We had a walking tour of downtown Nashville this morning. A private guide who told us the gossip end of Nashville's musical history. We visited the old buildings along Broadway and the Ryman Auditorium. It lasted for 90 minutes and was just okay. We now know a fair bit of history of Tennessee's famous musicians. Interestingly, Elvis only played once in the Grand Ole Opry - he wasn't impressed over some incident and never went back. That was back in 1954. Nevertheless, he is in the Hall of Fame. We returned to our hotel for a afternoon break and it looks as though it will rain with the storm clouds developing. We were picked-up from our hotel at 5:30 pm for our Grand Ole Opry show. Now for those who do not know what this famous show is about. It is a "live" radio show that has been going since 1925....yes...since 1925. It is the world's longest radio show. The audience is part of the two hour show and they have advertisements. The radio is 650 WSM and is broadcasted all around the world. Who performs there? Just about the majority of American country & western singers who made it big in the music world. New talent are invited with hopes that they will reach stardom. All performers stand on a spot on the stage made of special timber that was made in 1925. The timber is circular and the theory is that circles never end therefore so does the performer who stands on this sacred piece of timber. It is the aim of an upcoming artist to hold the distinction of standing on this spot. The two hour show is "on air" and has not change in its style since 1925. We watched an old singer "B.J. Thomas" sing an old favourite and enjoyed a song by "Craig Campbell". The last song was performed by "Jerrod Niemann" who the crowd loudly cheered and he introduced 30 Williams Disease sufferers called "Music Campers". It was an emotional experience and congratulations to Jerrod in training these kids and have them on stage. Experiencing a show at the Grand Ole Opry was one of the best things to do in Nashville. Tomorrow we are of to Birmingham in Alabama and venturing into the deep south. Should be about a three hour drive and we will sadly miss Nashville. Cheers.

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