Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 39 - Nashville

Located in Nashville Bicentennial State Park. This is part of a long wall that starts from a 10,000BC episode in Nashville's history and continues with events up to and including 1996. This part of the wall tells the events  of 1844.

The wall in the Bicentennial State Park is broken in certain places in history - The American Civil War is an example. This is broken in the WW2 area

Our tour guide "Jimmy". He is discussing how this heavy ball is easily rotated by hand. It actually floats on one inch of water. Located in Nashville Bicentennial State Park. Jimmy was a tad annoying with the way he handle passengers and utters negative statements about the local people and businesses.

Located in Nashville Bicentennial State Park. It is a time capsule and believed to hold three bottles of Tennessee whisky (Jack Daniels). Locals can't wait until 50 or so years when it is due to open

Nashville State Capitol Building in the background. The towers in the foreground play songs that have Tennessee in their lyrics - The Tennessee Waltz is an example. Located in Bicentennial Park

The fountains near Nashville State Capitol . The flags are Tennessee's National standard

We were told that this is a direct replica of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Located in Centennial Park, Nashville

One story behind the famous Music Row, Nashville where many famous singers and groups had their records cut and release to the public.

Along Music Row, Nashville. This is the front of the music studio where Elvis had made some of his records

Located along Music Row. When a new artist has a hit song or CD the Music Studio who recorded the music congratulates their star. Kacey Musgrave is Nashville's newest singer.

Broadway, Nashville - showing the hilly terrain.

Located in the Ryman Auditorium - Dolly Parton's and one of her many partner's costumes

Located in the Ryman Auditorium - Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter's costumes

The famous Ryman Auditorium, Nashville (the original Grand Old Opry)  - many country and western stars of the past have performed here

Nashville's famous highlight - The Country Music Hall of Fame

The Everly Brother's costumes located in Nashville Country Hall of Fame

Brenda Lee, Jim Reeves and Marty Robbins memorabilia  located in Nashville Country Hall of Fame

Patsy Cline's costume and story located in Nashville Country Hall of Fame

There are hundreds of gold labels that singers of the past have donated. It would take hours to look at every vinyl. Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame

It is easy to recognised who this costume belongs too - a clue, she is buxom, has platinum-coloured hair, short in statue and still sings great country & western music. Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame

Tammy Wynette items. Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame

Kenny Rogers items. Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame

The main foyer in in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame. The wall is suppose to be piano keys!!

Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame - Loretta Lynn';s award

Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame - Gene Autry's award

Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame - Brenda Lee's award

Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame - The King's award

Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame - Roy Roger's award

Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame - Johnny Cash's award

And of course Dolly Parton. Located in Nashville's Country Hall of Fame

Located in the centre of the Nashville Hall of Fame. The needle-like object is pointing downwards where observers can look directly up. Sort of like Arthur's Round Table with the hanging sword?

Jack Daniel store in downtown Nashville

Slightly obscene however, a cheap advertisement to get you inside. In downtown Nashville

Boarding the General Jackson paddle boat for our dinner cruise down the Cumberland River. We had to travel some miles from Nashville to reach the huge vessel

The Cumberland River is narrow and the General Jackson is a huge and wide river boat. It can easily take on board 500 diners.

On board the General Jackson and at our dinner table - sometime during our three-course meal

We meet a nice couple from Hampshire, England - Colin and Sue. They were at our table on the General Jackson

The entertainment in the Victoria Theatre on board the General Jackson. Their show was titled "History of Tennessee Music" They gave us samples of the three areas of Tennessee (eastern Appalachians, western Mississippi and centre Nashville) music. They were very good.

The General Jackson made it to downtown Nashville. It is difficult to recognise what is going on along the bank of the river in this picture where many hundreds of revellers are enjoying Nashville music

There are several bridges over the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville. This particular bridge was as far as we sailed down the river.

A beautiful and hot day in Nashville - like one of those hot Sydney's summer days. We were collected from our hotel at 0845 am for our three hour tour of Nashville. Our driver and guide "Jimmy" was a strange person. His way of discussing interesting sites and the people per se was at times offensive. Let us give you an example - he excused himself to us if he uttered words like "you redneck" or "hillbilly" to people who are in his way outside his vehicle. Also he had no qualms about telling people to be on time to board the bus otherwise you will see my red tail-lights - perhaps in jest but the way he presented was somewhat serious. Anyway he was an interesting character and when he asked all the passengers where they are from, and when it was our turn, he said "you won". Well blow us down- we didn't know is was a game! The tour was good we spend some time at the Bicentennial Park and Music Row where recordings are made. Many famous singers and artists such as Elvis and Dolly Parton actually walked those pathways. At the end of the tour we visited the Music Hall of Fame and the enormous amount of memorabilia that is tied up in the three story building is mind-boggling. Truly fantastic to just walk around and take all this in. There were many famous American singers of the past we couldn't recognise - it was obvious that their music didn't make the Australian charts during their heyday. After the tour we went back to our room, rested and was collected for our General Jackson paddle boat dinner cruise down the Cumberland River. There must of been 500 passengers on this boat. It was a huge vessel. We met an English couple and teamed up for our dinner and show. The show was fantastic, good Tennessee type music and entertaining. We returned to our hotel about 11pm and had a wonderful day. Tomorrow we are still in Nashville and have a 90 minute walking tour and a Grand Old Opry show in the evening. Cheers.

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