Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 15 - Badlands & Bismarck

An old couple taken in those old days - arranged and composed in Deadwood, South Dakota

The State Capitol building, Pierre, South Dakota

There are many miles of this scenery, South and North Dakota prairies

The State Capitol building, Bismarck, North Dakota

Along the big "Mo" the Missouri River at Bismarck, North Dakota - an old paddle steamer now a static display 

Last week we viewed Saturn through a telescope outside Santa Fe - it wasn't like this however we had to put in another photo to impress! Taken in a restaurant called Alien Cafe - where earthlings are welcome

Nothing much to report today We drove six hours from the Badlands National Park into North Dakota to the capitol Bismarck. We did go pass Pierre which is the capitol of South Dakota. What we saw along the way (except for the capitols) was prairie and more prairies - basically it was boring. On top of that the weather was dismal, windy and cloudy all the way. In Bismarck the rain came and it felt like a Sydney winter. Nevertheless we did mange to drive around Pierre and Bismarck to enjoy its people and tourist sites. Bismarck is located along the Missouri River and even up this far from New Orleans is a huge waterway. We had dinner at the Alien Restaurant - great surroundings as if you are being visited by ETs. Thought we were in Roswell NM at one stage. We have captured our photo taken in Deadwood last Saturday with us dressed up as 19th century folk - hope you like it. We have a short three hour journey to Fargo tomorrow. This city is on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota. We may have a West Coast Swing dance lesson at a local dance studio. Until tomorrow cheers.

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