Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 18 - Superior & Marquette

A Wisconsin farmer's barn and silo near Ashland

Lake Superior from Ashland, Wisconsin. The sign indicates all the shipwrecks that occurred along this shoreline

A creative carving near Ironwood, on the border of Wisconsin and Michigan

We had lunch here "Stumps" a real country local hangout located at Three Lakes, Michigan

Lakeside houses at Marquette, Michigan

The "Superior Dome", Marquette, Michigan made of wood! Was the world's largest dome in 1991 - now the fifth largest. Caters for the Marquette football team and the Northern Michigan University

A difficult path to a light beacon. Presque Isle Park, Marquette

A scenic drive through Presque Isle Park, Marquette

Downtown Marquette in Michigan

Mr M & M who knows what he or she is offering in Downtown Marquette

The dance floor at our wonderful hosts private house in Marquette, Michigan

Bill and Marge Sklar, our Marquette dancing friends and Anne

It was a five hour drive from Superior, Wisconsin to Marquette, Michigan. It didn't rain today after yesterday's incessant wet experience. We followed the road on the southern shore of Lake Superior and quickly passed through the northern districts of Wisconsin. Purely dairy farming along here and we believe they call the local people "cheese heads" in this part of the US. We found a place to stop for lunch at "Stumps" located in the little village of Three Lakes. The owners were a husband and wife couple of senior age and reminded us of those hillbillies of the Ozarks. They were polite but their menu was very basic - all fried food. Onwards we made Marquette and visited Walmart for our usual supplies plus some items for our home visit tonight. We found a bottle of Ozzie wine for our hosts - the bottle was 1.5 litres worth of Clare Valley chardonnay. After checking in we drove around the city of Marquette and concentrated on the foreshore of Lake Superior. There is a parkland at a location called Plesque Isle and great views were seen. In the same locality there was the largest dome in the world in 1991 and owned by the Northern Michigan University that apparently is constructed of wood. Currently it reserves the right to be the fifth largest in the world. We were invited to a private dance venue at the home of Marge and Bill Sklar at 6 pm. Their abode was only five minutes away and we had a great dinner followed by dancing. Their home was built in 1912 and has a history to it as a speakeasy establishment during those days of prohibition. Marge and Bill had renovated the house to made room for a dance floor. The floor size was not as big as we are used to however it was comfortable enough to enjoy dancing. We did some good old New Vogue stuff for their visitors and they liked the Paso a quick lesson was delivered and most were paso doble'ing around the floor - it was a good night. Many thanks to Marge in inviting us into their private house and hope we could give them our Ozzie hospitality if they visit Penrith (or Sydney) in the future.   

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