Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 37 - Huntington & Knoxville

About an hour after leaving Huntington and in Kentucky we saw this on the other side of the highway. As mentioned yesterday most cars and trucks speed well above the limit. This capture shows a truck that has completely turned over and on fire. We do not know if the driver is okay, we did not stop or gawk. It appears that all is okay with the people surrounding the accident just watching the vehicle burn

Near the West Virginia border near Paintsville, Kentucky. This is the real McCoy and Hatfield feud territory of the early 20th century - hill billy country

We stopped for lunch at Williamsburg in Kentucky - near the Tennessee border. This is a picnic area next to a Water Fun Park along the I-25. It was quite a nice relaxing spot 

This is a view of the Knoxville World's Fair Park in Tennessee state. The World's Fair occurred in 1982 and  now part of the Convention Centre. Located directly next to our hotel in Knoxville.

The open Amphitheatre in the World's Fair Park, Knoxville, Tennessee

Another view of the Knoxville World's Fair Park looking south

View of the World's Fair Park and the prominent Sunsphere. We tried to go to the top but the elevator wouldn't let us out and quickly sent us back down. Apparently the upper levels are used for private offices.

The Tennessee River along Gay Street - yes it is Gay Street, Knoxville

View of the bridge along Gay Street, Knoxville, Tennessee 

Office building along Gay Street, Knoxville

Talking about sinking in brickwork. Taken along Gay Street, Knoxville

The main part of Gay Street in Knoxville, Tennessee

See it is called "Gay" street in Knoxville

Market Square in central Knoxville, scene of children playing in the square's fountain

Not certain where this bronze bell came from, however, it has a decent crack. In view of this it is now a Market Square display in Knoxville.

The Knoxville Sunsphere from our hotel

The Academy Ballroom studio in Knoxville, Tennessee

Our West Coast Swing instructor - P.J. and us at the Academy Ballroom studio. This is our fifth lesson on WCS

We are now heading south now from West Virginia into the western side of the Appalachian Mountains. We found our way back into Kentucky and witness the result of a large truck that had overturned on the other side of the road. It was on fire - black acrid smoke from the rubber tyres burning fiercely. We didn't stop but saw many people just watching the inferno and thus we believe the driver was okay. No doubt it would have been a result of speeding. The countryside that we seen was through the Kentucky coal mining valley  reminded us of the Loretta Lynn childhood town that she had been brought up. We passed unusual towns with names like Manchester and London. Damn pommies they do copy other country's city names!!!! We stopped at Willimasburg just prior to the Tennessee border and found a great spot for lunch. Hence we entered the Tennessee eastern border and the countryside is almost like the Smokey Mountain scenery. We  found Knoxville and staying in the Holiday Inn Hotel right next to the 1982 World's Fair site. It is a great area where the Fair had been and the location is beautifully manicured with waterfalls and an amphitheatre. There is the tall Sunsphere which allowed us to ascend however, we wasn't allowed to exit the elevator - it just send us back down. What a pity as the view from the top would have been great. We orientated around downtown Knoxville and had dinner in the Market Square. Later we drove about five klms to the Academy Ballroom and was introduced to our instructor P.J. He gave us a great lesson on the West Coast Swing - our fifth so far. What he did is started to polish our steps and calculated accurately a 16 bar routine. With more practice from us we should have the routine down pat. Tomorrow we head off to that Country & Western city called Nashville. We are spending three days there and have four tours lined-up. A 3 hour tour of the city, a walking tour of downtown, a dinner cruise on the river and a visit to the Grand Olde Opry. So we will be busy. Cheers.

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