Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 16 - Bismarck & Fargo

Between Bismarck and Fargo - a rest area along the I-94. The soft drink (soda) dispensers cater for all tastes!! These rest stops are fantastic, clean restrooms, tourist information for travellers and a great picnic area for lunches etc  

The historic Fargo Theatre - is the area's vintage movie palace fully restored to its 1926 art deco glory.

A Norwegian Stave Church in Moorehead, Minnesota. There are only 28 stave churches left in Norway (Viking places of worship built after they changed from paganism to Christianity in the 1100's). This is a replica from Hopperstad, Norway, completely built of timber and was a great experience in visiting this tourist site. Moorehead has a huge Scandinavian population and use this as an active place of worship

Inside the Stave Church at the Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County at the Hjemkomst Centre, Moorehead, Minnesota 

This Viking ship replica actually sailed from Norway to the US. It's huge and larger than the ones we seen in Oslo, Norway. The Oslo exhibits were restored after they removed them out of the fjord mud. This replica is located in the same tourist site as the Stave Church, Moorehead.

The Bonnie Haney Dance Studio in Moorehead, Minnesota. Small and not up to standard as our Ozzies floors.

The West Acres Mall - the region's largest shopping centre with four large department stores, Macy's, J.C. Penny, Sears and another store we can't pronounce. Coincidentally it's right across the road from our hotel.

It took us three hours to travel from Bismarck to Fargo in North Dakota. The road was all 75MPH along the I-94 and the scenery became more interesting than what we saw yesterday. The countryside had many lakes and waterways. The weather is still overcast and at times tried to rain. The temperature is about the same as it is in winter Sydney - the locals say this is normal! We hate to be here in their winter - minus 30 deg F we heard! On our arrival in Fargo (a large city) we drove directly to the West Acres Mall. This is a huge shopping complex and is directly across the road from our hotel. Since we arrived at Noon and after lunch we toured downtown Fargo (in North Dakota) and cross the Red River into Moorehead, Minnesota. As you can see from the photos we visited the Norwegian Cultural Centre where a wealthy American built a Stave Church. It was great and we had a private guide to tell us all about the construction and its namesake in Norway. The fresh timber smell inside is quite memorable. After this visit we went back to Fargo and checked into our hotel - guess what Neil did/ He drove on the wrong side of the road on the bridge dead middle of North Dakota and Minnesota. Luckily no cars we in site and a quick three point turn found Ralph facing the correct direction. So much for keeping your passenger in the gutter!! At 3:30 pm we had a private ballroom dancing lesson at the Bonnie Haney Dance Studio. We had a young chap named Eathan Rogers and showed us the American steps to the American Smooth - interesting it was it is a mixture of Slow Foxtrot, Modern Waltz and Tango steps. Three individual styles dancing ballroom steps but using International (an American creation) picture steps. A bit different from our style of dances. We returned to our hotel and walked across the West Acres Shopping Centre to browse - Anne purchased a warm overcoat to stem the cold from Fargo's weather. Well that's it for today. Tomorrow we drive to a place called Superior in Wisconsin on the far west side of Lake Superior - the largest lake in the world. Superior is next to a place called Duluth, Minnesota where Bob Dillon was born - so what Anne says! A man who wrote classic and excellent songs but can he sing??? Until tomorrow cheers.

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