Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 24 - Chicago

Heaps of photographs were taken today so if any readers are interested the pictures are basically the architecture side of Chicago and our personal views from the top of the old Sears (now Willis) Tower. And, of our personal walking tour around the heart of downtown Chicago. Hope you enjoy. 

Our B&B has many old antique items and fixtures. Anne is using the old fashioned telephone. This phone actually works

Willis Tower from street level - 103 floors at 1350 feet

View from the Skydeck, Willis Tower - how's that for a major expressway

View from the Skydeck, Willis Tower - the centre of Chicago

View from the Skydeck, Willis Tower - looking north. Our B&B is somewhere in the centre of the picture

View from the Skydeck, Willis Tower - the Chicago River

The Skydeck, Willis Tower - Neil standing on glass decking, nothing but a sheet of glass between earth and Neil at 1300 feet - scary!! 

The Skydeck, Willis Tower - the awesome viewing platform 

Along Chicago River -it actually flows backwards towards the Mississippi River

One of the many architectural views of Chicago

Same as above but from the Willis Tower - note the same statue on top of the building

Another view of the Willis Tower, Chicago

At the base of the Willis Tower, Chicago

The elevated "Loop" train Chicago

Another architectural building view of Chicago - the John Hancock building in the centre background

Near the centre of Chicago there are three levels, this is the park at the bottom level near what they call the "Loop"

The Chicago River with fountains on the north bank

The Chicago River

The Chicago River and interesting buildings in the background

More architectural building views of Chicago

Some of the many bridges over the Chicago River

A "breather" spot along the Chicago River

More architectural views of Chicago

A memorial for the Vietnam fallen

What a way to park a car!!

The Chicago River

The Chicago Transport Authority (CTA) ironworks in the heart of Chicago

One of the Loop station in downtown Chicago

Entertainment area in Chicago

Back Alley view in the heart of Chicago

Anne buying Sephora cosmetics for Carol - notice the fine tattoo work on the back of the serving girl

More architectural views of Chicago

Our West Coast Swing dancing instructor Greg - he is one of America's top West Coast Swing dancers

This will be a quick narrative. Most of today's experiences have been displayed in the above photographs. We hopped on the train to the centre of Chicago and spent the morning at the Willis Tower - great views of Chicago. Next we walked through the main shopping streets of downtown Chicago and guess what - Anne is all shopped out. Neil has done the reverse psychology and presented too much exposure to Macy's that no more was the word for the remaining holiday. After a luncheon at a cafe we walked along the Loop area of Chicago. Amazingly, the area is in three tiers. Like a three story building except it's not a building but covered over six street blocks. We also walked along the Chicago riverfront and scenes of what you would see in the tourist mags came to life. We seen that Chicago is a old city with its old 1920's charm. Inside many buildings there are the old iron work structures however outside it is modern. Chicago still lives on its halycon days of the Roaring 20's. Our personal thoughts that Chicago has more character than New York City - but that is our opinion. We returned to our B&B rested and headed to our dancing appointment at 7:30 pm. We met Greg who was our instructor for the West Coast Swing. We told him that show us the basics from scratch and he did that professionally. The West Coast Swing is based on slow jive music but designed on a slot area on the dance floor. A bit different compared with Australian dance styles. On our return to our B&B after disembarking at Belmont CTA station we tried to buy some beers and other booze from a nearby Liquor Store. Now follow this - upon entry a African-American guy at the entrance asked for our ID. Neil had his driver's licence....OK, but Anne....nothing. He wanted proof that we were over 21 years old. He wouldn't allow Anne in!!! Anne somehow thought it was a compliment or this person cannot see logic in the situation. The later holds true. Well that's it for today. Yesterday we had an email that our Sunset Dinner Cruise along Lake Michigan has been cancelled. We are disappointed with that and gave the tour company in Australia a bit of our frustration. Nevertheless we do have a half-day tour of Chicago and looking forward to that. As I am signing off now the weather in Chicago is experiencing  thunderstorms - hopefully it will clear  up tomorrow - cheers.

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