Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 36 - Dayton & Huntington

The window shutters are amazing - located in historic Gallipolis, Ohio

Along the banks of the old Ohio. Looking upstream at Gallipolis, Ohio. Oil and coal barges use this river for transportation to Cincinnati

This house was built in 1802 and still in good condition, Gallipolis, Ohio

Was a former bank building along Second Avenue, Gallipolis, Ohio - now a historic building. Note the French style architecture

An interesting read regards Gallipolis, Ohio

Gallipolis still retains its old hitching posts for horses. Now they are street ornaments. Why is Anne tethered to the post?

Gallipolis, Ohio is a historic and well kept town along the Ohio River. Across the river is West Virginia. The band-stand in the centre of the downtown park accentuates the old-charm atmosphere of the town

Point Pleasant is just inside West Virginia from Ohio. It was the location of a fierce battle as briefly explained in this information sign. Many Indians and soldiers were killed. It is worth exploring the Wikipedia internet site if any one is interested regarding this battle.

Two rivers meet here at the actual spot where the Battle of Point Pleasant occurred. The bridge in the background connects Ohio with West Virginia

The Battle of Point Pleasant monument erected in 1909 on the actual site of the battle

Point Pleasant, West Virginia has two distinctions, the Battle of 1774 and the Mothman. There is more information on the Mothman on the Wikipedia internet for those who are interested. We think that the Ohio River water must have been tainted with strange concoctions during that period

This is it, the statue of the Mothman - red eyes, grotesque, and was seen by many locals. The statue is located in the heart of Point Pleasant

Wherever we see the Ohio River it is always wide. This picture was taken at Huntington, West Virginia looking downstream

Same as above but looking upstream

Huntington, West Virginia in conjunction with other towns and cities along the Ohio River have concrete flood-protection walls along the river bank. Only at certain places have apertures to let traffic in. This one shows flood depth markings at the entrance

Not a great place for tourists, however, Huntington, West Virginia does have great restaurants and a fantastic ice-cream parlour. This view is looking into downtown from the Ohio River

We have stayed at good hotels so far in our visit to the USA and we have a couple of bad ones. Unfortunately the Holiday Inn at Fairborn, Dayton is not good. When we checked in yesterday, initially we paid $10 to have a bar fridge in our room, so we can have cold water and our lunches fresh for the next day travel. The reception girl said there is no freezer compartment in their bar we had our ice-bricks placed in their restaurant freezer and will collect them at check-out. Well, the bar fridge did have a freezer but we allowed to have our ice-bricks remain in the restaurant. Also later the reception girl had the hide to ask for 65c for additional taxes! Well, today she, the reception girl who wasn't the brightest pencil in the box neglected to put our ice-bricks in the freezer. It was a small thing but we had other interesting issues with her at check-in. We did complain and ask if the manager can be informed of our dissatisfaction. Interestingly, yesterday's manager was name Donna Walz!!! Is she related to our Therese at Penrith Ballroom? We had a relaxing drive to Gallipolis, Ohio. Apparently it is a French name and completely unrelated to our Gallipoli fame in Turkey. From Gallipolis we cross over into West Virginia and visited Point Pleasant. Besides a famous American battle that occurred here it is famous for the Mothman siting. Could it be a conspiracy tale to attract tourist?? As we stated in the above pictures explore the website to understand the complete tale of the Mothman siting. From Point Pleasant we drove to our night's destination at Huntington, West Virginia. A nice town but a respite from cities we have stayed recently - it also is the farthest east we will visit on our road trip across the US. Tomorrow we head south to Knoxville, Tennessee. It will take over four hours and basically we start heading back to Phoenix, Arizona, zig-zaging our way through the southern states. Cheers

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