Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 32 - St Louis & Louisville

Indiana's capitol is currently Indianapolis. This is the old State Capitol Building in Corydon when this town was once the capitol of Indiana - now a museum

The only battle on Indiana's soil during the American Civil Way was at Corydon - the narrative relates that battle 

The canon that was used during the Battle of Corydon, Indiana. Anne is the "big shot" behind the weapon

The site where the Battle of Corydon occurred, in Indiana State

Entering Kentucky from Indiana after crossing the Ohio River at Louisville

The Ohio River is very wide. There are several long bridges spanning the Ohio, mostly over one kilometer long. This one is the bridge that we walked across from Jeffersonville, Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky

Our walk across the Ohio - about midway to Louisville

The Ohio River halfway between Indiana and Kentucky showing some of the many bridges spanning this great river

Along Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky - in front of the Actor's Theatre

Taken in front of the Kentucky Science Centre, Louisville, Kentucky - us standing in front of a mirrored parabolic eh?

Louisville is famous for the Louisville Sluggers baseball team. The is the world's biggest baseball bat along Main Street, Louisville

The lighthouse has something to do with the location along the Ohio River - seen along Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky

Reflections of old and new buildings along Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky

The bridge we walked over one hour before, taken from the Riverfront in Louisville, Kentucky

Paddle steamers on the banks of the Ohio River (sounds like something that ONJ would sing about?). Taken from the Riverfront, Louisville

Louisville, home of Muhammad Ali, taken from the Riverfront

A statue about the Lewis & Clark expedition. Taken along the Riverfront, Louisville, Kentucky

Our young West Coast Swing instructors at the Dance Louisville studio. We reinforced the basics we have learnt so far and ensured the beat is correct 1-2-3 & 4,  5 & 6.........

It was a painless early start to ensure we included the one hour difference between St Louis and Louisville. The journey was along the I-64 travelling eastward. We stopped at a town called Corydon which in the days of old was the capitol of Indiana. Also it was the battle site of the only skirmish in Indiana during the American Civil War. The town tries to ensure that all visitors are reminded that it was the old capitol with the Old State building opened as a museum for visitors. The battle site was free - due to the small amount of casualties that resulted and possibly insignificant compared with the other terrible battles during that war. The weather again was great, the temperature allowed us to don shorts and in the low 30's C. Good driving weather. We reached Louisville after fording the Ohio River from Indiana into Kentucky "the hey you'll-all" state. Our drive to the hotel had to cross over the Ohio River, again, and into Indiana, again, at Jeffersonville. Our hotel is just next to the river's bank. A a great view of Louisville's skyline can be seen. After we checked-in we walked across the old bridge (amongst the many others) to the city and gave ourselves a walking tour of the CBD. The Ohio River is massive - we measured the length of the bridge we walked over - a whopping one kilometer length. After our little stroll and visited the tourist sites we caught a cab back to the hotel, had dinner and then drove back into Kentucky for our one hour group West Coast Swing lesson. It was good, many young folks were there and now we are starting to understand the essence of the dance after three lessons. We returned to our Sheraton Hotel at 9 pm and prepared for our journey to Cincinnati tomorrow. It is only a two hour drive and have two days there. Cheers for now. 

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