Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 29 - Kansas City & St Louis

This is a memorial to all service people from Columbia, Missouri who gave their life for America. The column on the right is dedicated for two soldiers from Columbia who died in the Gulf War

The Quad Columns in Columbia, Missouri. Not sure what they represent.

In downtown and extremely wet St Louis, Missouri - about 6 pm

We had dinner here, Broadway, St Louis, Missouri. The building is old amongst the modernisation of the city

Not much to say today. We left overcast Kansas City about 8:30 am and headed east for St Louis 400 klms away. We stopped at Independence, Missouri looking for the Community of Christ World Headquarters and couldn't find this recommended and supposedly unusual structure. After a short period driving around the streets to no avail we decided to press on. We stopped at Columbia, Missouri and this is a big University town noted for the Quad Columns. We believe we found them and took a picture. As we approached St Louis, the heavens opened up and just as we pulled into our hotel thunderstorms and hence the rain has not stopped since. We can see the famous St Louis Gateway Arch but in the rain does not do justice for a photograph. After settling in we arranged a taxi and headed into downtown and wet St Louis streets. We did visit Macy's and all items were 30% off. Apparently the store has been sold and all stocks are to go. We did buy a few items. After Macy's we had dinner at a Pasta cafe and after sitting down many people arrived and turned the establishment into a crowded pub-like atmosphere. Apparently the Chicago Cubs (the one that has not won a final for over one hundred years) are playing the St Louis Cardinals. These baseball teams were due to start play at this time but the game has been delayed. The Brusch Stadium in only a few blocks away. We returned to our hotel (about four klms away) and prayed that the rain will stop by tomorrow. We have a tour of St Louis at 10 am and hope to see many fine sites in St Louis. St Louis is the junction of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers and has been a staging point for transportation for centuries. There are many old and fine buildings in concert with the modernisation of the city. The St Louis Gateway Arch is an example of the new St Louis. Anyway hopefully we have more to say tomorrow. Cheers.

Another quote from the big man  - Duke: "Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday".

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