Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 38 - Knoxville & Nashville

Our morning view of the Sunsphere in Knoxville - right outside our hotel window. A reflective gold ball!

On our approach to Nashville, Tennessee, we drove to Macy's to a shopping centre about 10 klms from downtown and our hotel. We found this Baptist Church steeple which may also served as a lightning conductor! How thin and needle-like the structure is!

A view from our window in Nashville, Tennessee. The church-like building is the old Union Railway Station

The US Courthouse Building directly across our hotel in Nashville, Tennessee

The strange shaped building is the Visitor's Centre along Broadway in downtown Nashville.

Broadway, the hub of downtown Nashville. Full of bars and souvenir shops. The red coloured building is a country and western "drinking hole" where talented groups and singers try to make it big in the C&W genre

This structure is the famous AT&T building (an American telecommunications company), Nashville, Tennessee.. 

Another view of the AT&T building in Nashville from a different angle

Nashville is the state capitol of Tennessee. This is the state capitol building from the rear side of the structure

What a sudden surprise while walking around Nashville's State Capitol building. The grave site of America's 11th President - James Polk, served 1845 -1849. Who's he you may ask???

One of America's most famous US Presidents - Andrew Jackson. British statues place their hero's who have died in battle on a horse who is on its hind legs. Did Andrew Jackson die in battle? This statue is located in the State Capitol building grounds

Criminal Justice Buildings located near the Nashville State Capitol building

A fountain amongst tall buildings in the business area of Nashville, Tennessee

We like the wording on this structure  Located in the business area of Nashville, Tennessee "America is privileged to spill her blood and her might for the principles that gave her birth and happiness and the peace which she has treasured".

We do not know what this monument or figure represents. Located in the Public Square, Nashville, Tennessee

Buskers on a corner street in downtown Nashville - their sound was good

Cowboy boots for sale at $200 USD each and you get a second pair for free!!!. Along Broadway, downtown Nashville

The Honky Tonk Bar along Broadway Nashville - emanating loud country and western live music. The sounds of many C&W music is forever heard in this part of Nashville

Broadway, Nashville with the familiar AT&T building in the background. Most of the buildings are bars where many famous country and western singers have made their debut 

Can you pick out the famous country and western singers on the guitar? Located along Broadway, Nashville, Tennessee 

Their group name is Second Fiddle playing in one of Broadway's Bars. A good sound and entertaining.

After three margaritas and two gin & tonics Neil is writing this narrative after visiting Nashville's famous Broadway. So it will be brief. We left Knoxville late and took three hours to reach Nashville. Stopped at Macy's for a special item we needed to purchase and made it to our Holiday Inn hotel at 3pm. Our hotel is on Broadway and it is a leisurely stroll to the hub of Nashville where the bars and the centre of activity is located. After checking-in and putting Ralph to bed for a three day rest (he is in an underground parking lot with many of his 4-wheel buddies) we ventured into the realm of country and western Nashville. We walked around the State Capitol building and orientate the layout of downtown Nashville streets. We found that Nashville is hilly but well laid out. Whilst walking around the business part of the city a local pulled us up and recommended that we have dinner at Demos, not far away. He said the meals are next-to-nothing in we did and for a decent meal we forked out $25 USD - so he was true to his word. After dinner we visited a record store and gee-golly-gosh, we've never seen so many country & western CDs. They even sell old vinyls. From there we ambled into a Broadway bar and listened to a group called Second Fiddle. Not bad, played many Brooks & Dunn music and their own music. Tomorrow we have a three hour tour of Nashville and then a Dinner Cruise on the Cumberland River on an old renovated paddle boat - should be fun. Cheers

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