Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 62 - Hawaii & Sydney

Oahu, Hawaii is divided into two areas, the windward (north) side and the leeward (south) side. The windward side takes the brunt of the windy seas and hence it's always wet. On the leeward side the ocean is peaceful and quieter - it has clear skies and rather dry. This is where Waikiki is. The photo above shows how the rain clouds end along the mountains that divide Oahu.

Our flight was delayed almost one hour. This picture shows the "full-house" of Sydney bound passengers for our flight at Honolulu's International Airport

We highly recommend Hawaiian Airlines as the preferred airlines to travel to Hawaii and or to the mainland. They are professional and first class. Taken at the Honolulu International Airport

No this is not us running after our aircraft, but the flight taking off before us at Honolulu's International Airport

Our last view of Oahu and Honolulu, Hawaii at 1:15pm Saturday 20JUL13 -we are only 10 hours away from Sydney - 18 hours ahead of Honolulu time.
So this is it - our last day in paradise. We were picked up by the Speedie Shuttle at 9:45 am that took us to Honolulu International Airport. HA 451 was delayed by almost one hour due to the aircraft arriving late at Honolulu. Nevertheless the flight was scheduled for 10.5 hours and only took ten hours to reach Sydney. Being in first class is great. Hawaiian Airlines in one of the best airlines we have travelled on. The cabin crew are highly professional and friendly. The journey to Sydney was comfortable and enjoyable. We landed in cold Sydney with our Penrith Valley Limousine waiting for us. We went through immigration and customs fairly fast. As we had no declared items it was just a walk through the custom barriers. We arrived home at 9:15 Penrith time to a clean house and Arthur & Murphy waiting for us after two months away as all dogs do - yabba-dabba-do. This is the last post for this holiday and hopefully next year's holiday to Europe will eventuate. Cheers and thanks to all our readers.

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