Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 53 - Dallas & Abilene

We stopped at a Walmart near Fort Worth to buy our lunch and other necessities. This is a typical "Supercenter" Walmart and appears endless in size - in other words these centers are huge!

Along the I-20 between Dallas and Abilene in Texas there is Cisco. It probably is not named for the Cisco Kid and Poncho but it is famous for the first Hilton Hotel. The plaque on the wall of this now museum tell all.

The Old Mobley Hotel in Cisco, Texas. According to our resources this was the first Conrad Hilton Hotel and was originally purchased for the  accommodation of local oil field workers.  

Flying 'buffs' in Abilene. We haven't seen one as yet. Abilene is in the heart of Texas - purely cattle country.

What's in Abilene, Texas to see - nothing!!! Well there is a main street with many traffic lights.

The hotel we are staying in is on the outskirts of Abilene, Texas. We saw these trucks near the gas station nearby. What's so special about these trucks - they are all hooked up as one. We are wondering which end is the driver's cabin? Over the past six weeks or so we have seen up to four prime movers connected as one vehicle on the interstate roads.

A bit of a drama for us today. Anne thought she had left her Samsung tablet power connection back in our Dallas hotel. We were half way to Abilene when this was discovered and panic set in. It wasn't until we unpacked our bags in Abilene that all's well and the offending item was hiding in clothes. Driving out of Dallas wasn't too bad. We took the not-so expressway roads out of Dallas to escape the roadworks. However, when driving through Fort Worth, the roadworks appear again. Nothing worse than travelling at 60 MPH and then having to detour along narrow service roads with trucks bearing down on you. We have come to the conclusion that American drivers need to speed and in most cases are impatient. Yesterday we did see a four-car accident and no doubt it was due to either excessive speed or impatience. Dallas is a big city and its twin city next door Fort Work makes this part of Texas a monstrous mega city. We were glad we have hit the Texas countryside and enjoy the 75 MPH speed limit. We stopped at a place called Cisco and saw Conrad Hilton's first hotel that he owned. We were wondering if Paris Hilton knows this or has she even visited the town? The journey to Abilene took us four hours and what is there to see in this town - basically nothing! We did have a nice dinner at Chili's, with good prime Texas beef on the menu. Tomorrow we have a long.... long journey to El Paso, still in Texas. The drive is the longest day stretch of our holiday and expected to take at least 9 hours. So we will leave early. Ralph is all fueled up and we have our lunches ready and with a 25 hour day tomorrow (we cross over from Central Standard time to Mountain Standard Time) we should arrive in El Paso late in the afternoon. El Paso is right on the border with Mexico and we should see that country from across the Rio Grande. Cheers.

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