Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 43 - Mobile & New Orleans

Instead of travelling via the expressway from Mobile to New Orleans we took the coast road. The road crosses over many long bridges. This one seem to just end half way across. Near Biloxi in Mississippi state.

What a great place to live. Who has to clean all the rooms? At Biloxi, Mississippi

Biloxi Mississippi is becoming a casino location. Many buildings are under construction. This view shows the Hard Rock Cafe nearing completion

We walked along the Biloxi Pier. A local caught this small sting ray and then put the marine creature back in the water. 

Biloxi is along the Gulf of Mexico. The water didn't appear "blue" as it is in this photograph but a "muddy": colour. The tall structure are part of the downtown Biloxi district

The Biloxi Pier in Mississippi. A strange place to have a lighthouse!

The temperature was hot and many are enjoying the water that has no surf at Biloxi.

The Gulf of Mexico sand is almost pure white at Biloxi - still not as good as our golden beaches in Australia

The peaceful and almost flat Gulf of Mexico at Pass Christian, Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 gave this location a beating - many people were killed in this area alone 

A memorial to those people who were killed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Located at a Pass Christian park, Mississippi

Our last view of the Gulf of Mexico at Pass Christian, Mississippi

The water is shallow at Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. The bridges are long and this view is along the I-10 expressway with New Orleans still about 30 klms to go.

We have settled in to our New Orleans Bed & Breakfast and started walking around the corner into the famous Bourbon Street in the French Quarter

Most houses in this district of New Orleans are similar. Do the colours of this house accentuate the house? 

At the eastern end of Bourbon Street, New Orleans

Three-storey corner building in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

Jazz playing in Jackson Square in the French Quarter, New Orleans

There are many voodoo and masks shops in the French Quarter. This particular shop focuses on mardi gras masks

These are New Orleans "Mint Juleps" in the Pat O'Brien Bar, New Orleans. Based on bourbon whiskey and mint

This one we shared. It's called a "Hurricane" and comprise of four decent shots of rum and fruit juice. Pure fire water and made us happy quite quickly. In Pat O'Brien Bar, New Orleans

Along Bourbon Street, French Quarter with the New Orleans CBD in the background

Along Bourbon Street, New Orleans. We didn't stop in this bar. There are dozens of drinking "holes" with some for men only. The girls who try to entice customers are attired very lightly -  almost nothing on!! 

This guy just planted his ladder in the middle of Bourbon Street and just did his balance act. The red bucket is for money whoever wants to donate.

This corner building has featured in many movie films. Along Bourbon Street, French Quarter, New Orleans,  Louisiana

A golden statue of Joan of arc in New Orleans. Naturally some tie with Orleans in France. 

Walking back to our B&B we came across this simple French Quarter house. The colours are matched perfectly - we think.

We just got back to our bed and breakfast after sampling same famous New Orleans cocktails - so we will make this brief. We left Mobile in Alabama around nine'ish and headed for New Orleans via the coast road. That is along the Gulf of Mexico. The weather is hot but not too uncomfortable. We stopped at Biloxi in Mississippi and Pass Christian to have our lunch in a park along the beach. Now the beaches along this part of the gulf is white, however, the water is shallow and it is possible to walk out about half a kilometer before you need to swim. We saw no surf. The water is flat as! To reach New Orleans from Mobile we cross through Mississippi from Alabama and into Louisiana. The states Alabama and Mississippi should have been land-locked but boundaries allowed them a small access to the gulf, therefore it is only a short journey crossing through this part of the US. To get to New Orleans there are many long bridges crossing the bayou and waterways. Ralph found our way to our B&B about fifty meters from the French Quarter. He has a rest for four days while we do a lot of walking in the days ahead. After we settled in and assisted by our host and B&B owner Karen Jefferies we walked into the French Quarter and experienced this famous place in the US. There are bars everywhere. People are allowed to carry open bottles of alcohol or glasses on the streets (in fact the other place in the US you can do this is Las Vegas) and just get drunk. We stopped at Pat O'Brien's Bar and sampled their Mint Julep and Hurricane. Good stuff we thought. The only criticism we have on the French Quarter is the smell? There seems to be a aroma of sewage in all its streets, otherwise the old French and Spanish style structures are amazing. Sadly, Anne cut her finger at the top with a razor before we ventured out in New Orleans this afternoon and an emergency drug store visit had to be made. Tomorrow we have a city tour and a river boat ride on the Mississippi River. Also we need to have Ralph take us 10 miles away for a evening dancing lesson. This will be our seventh and possibly the last. The West Coast Swing sequence is in our hands now. So until next time -cheers to all. DON"T FORGET IT'S ANNE"S BIRTHDAY ON THE FOURTH OF JULY. IT WOULD BE GREAT IF FRIENDS COULD SEND HER AN EMAIL - TA

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