Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 50 - Oklahoma City & Dallas

These RVs are as common on US roads as our Japanese cars in Oz. It's bizarre how a family takes their home with them along with their small car. Taken at a rest area south Oklahoma along the I-35

Our usual lunch picnic from Walmart - about $9 worth. Our little Coleman soft esky is one of the best items on our road trip. But whoever gave us the knife, fork, spoon set in the front of this picture is to be congratulated. It's a fantastic device as hotels, take-aways and packaged meals all have weak plastic cutlery.

Crossing over the Red River from Oklahoma to Texas along the I-35. 

As we entered a new state there is usually a visitor center within five miles of the border. At these places travellers can grab high quality maps and other important information regarding their state's interest. This photograph is just inside the Texas border and a memorial to one of its infantry battalions who had fought in France/Germany during WW2

We've done it! Texas is our last state to visit for this holiday. Our holiday in 2012 and including this year we have now visited 46 out of 50 states. The only states not seen are Alaska, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Pick a spot at the border on the top of the "A" in Texas is the location where we entered Texas and where this photo was taken.

Dallas, Texas would have to be our most confusing city to drive through or in. Turnpikes, expressways, etc etc just flood the outskirts of this city. In fact it was more difficult to drive into Dallas than Chicago. The never ending maze of roads are clearly seen in this picture

A large Galleria in North Dallas - along the LBJ Freeway

Inside the North Dallas Galleria Mall is a ice rink. Outside it's almost 100 deg F.

We are staying in the Holiday Inn Express at Preston, North Dallas. The LBJ Freeway in front of this hotel is a mess. Road works are impeding traffic and detours are confusing.  We will try to avoid driving Ralph during our stay in Dallas.

Not much to report today. We left Oklahoma City about 9 am and headed south direct to Dallas. We only stopped for a Walmart visit and to have lunch at the Texas border visitor centre. When we approached Dallas we discovered there is a fair amount of road works going on. All defensive driving techniques was employed to navigate in and around detours when we in the vicinity of our North Dallas hotel. The LBJ Freeway is in such a mess it was difficult in trying to find the entrance. Once found Ralph is staying put. The reception girl at our hotel is fantastic. At an extra cost she gave us a room upgrade which has a jacuzzi (spa bath) included. Also she drove us to the local shopping mall in the hotel's shuttle bus. We did give her some Australian coins which she was over-the-moon. The Galleria Shopping Mall is mediocre to what we expected. Even Macy's was not stocked with items we are accustomed to. So we had dinner and ordered a taxi to takes us back to the hotel. Tomorrow we have a tour of Southfork (remember the TV series "Dallas" with Larry Hagman as J.R.?) - it's the same ranch. We found out they are making a new series of Dallas, however Larry Hagman passed away late last year and now they are going through rewrites. After Southfork we have a tour of Dallas and then a visit to the Sixth Floor Museum. This is the old book building that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated JFK from. It is now a tourist site and perhaps Dallas's biggest tourist attraction. Cheers.

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