Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 57 - Phoenix

On the way to Sedona, north of Phoenix. The countryside leaves the desert surroundings of Phoenix and enters the Arizona mountain region

Between Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona. An unusual RV.

A lizard in the grounds of Montezuma Castle in the Verde Valley, Arizona

This is Montezuma Castle in Northern Arizona, dating back to 1100's. It was once an imposing six story apartment-like building with about 45 rooms. Built by the Southern Sinagua Indians.

The Indians would have to tether their children. Ladders were used to ascend this structure. Montezuma Castle, Arizona

At Montezuma Castle, Arizona. These are lower level rooms - almost at the base of the cliffs

The peaceful Beaver River that flows near Montezuma Castle in Arizona

Another view of Montezuma Castle in Arizona

Entering Sedona in Arizona. The iron-enriched mesas and buttes are magnificent

They call this the Bell Mesa in Sedona, Arizona

Guess who in Sedona, Arizona. Note Anne's new hair style?

Some more features that surround the town of Sedona, Arizona

More rock formations in Sedona Arizona.

This is a view of Sedona and the $29,000,000 house owned by a Romanian doctor (who founded laser eye surgery). Taken from the Roman Catholic Church

Anne in front of the Sedona Roman Catholic Church. It is built high up on a rocky hill and has a great view of Sedona

Unusual rock formation in Sedona Arizona. Can you make out the figure?

There is a bird's head somewhere on this Sedona rock formation

Some people can identify a rhinoceros in this Sedona rock formation

Descending the pathway from the Sedona Roman Catholic Church

These type of motorbikes are common across America. This one is along the main street of Sedona, Arizona. Notice the "dinky" trailer?

That statue of the man should have his head to the left. Located along the main street of Sedona, Arizona

These T-shirts are for-sale and have been coloured by actual Sedona dirt. They warn that the first wash should not be mixed with other clothes. In a Sedona tourist shop

The main street of Sedona, Arizona

About 7,000 feet looking down the Oak Valley near Sedona, Arizona

Sedona from another vantage point showing the surrounding rock formations.

Another shot of Sedona from the same vantage point.

This location is about five miles from Sedona. It is a housing estate with their own golf course inside a box canyon.

Another view of the Sedona housing estate. Sedona is on the other side of those rock formations in the background.

We were collected from our hotel at 7 am and it was a 90 mile drive north of Phoenix to visit two important tourist sites - Montezuma Castle and the Sedona district. We were in a four-wheel drive with one other passenger - Peter from Connecticut. Evidently we have basically a private tour. Our guide was Jo Jo a German born worker and knew his geological and history information on the sites we seen. We first visited Montezuma Castle and how Indians had lived in the cliff dwellings - it was mind-boggling. Researchers are still perplexed if it was built for defence against other Indians or against floods. It could have been the way the builders would have their boarders to be sheltered from the extreme heat and in winter the extreme wqas another answer? From Montezuma Castle we went into Sedona and the town has been used in many western TV and movies for Hollywood. It is surrounded by red rock formations and when staring at the different shapes it is easy to pick out certain animals. Sedona is a touristy town and people who live here thrive on the tourists trade or are retirees. Nevertheless, property values are very expensive. From Sedona we headed north almost to Flagstaff and viewed the alpine regions of Arizona. Many Americans visit and camp alongside the river streams and areas of interests to a stage where parking is hard to find. Back in Sedona we had lunch and also visited the Roman Catholic Church that is built on a high mesa that overlooks the town. Quite a spectacular view. After visiting a box canyon we headed to Phoenix and arrived back at 5:45 pm. Quite a long day. It was a good tour and our last night in mainland USA. Tomorrow at 8 am we head off to Hawaii for our journey back to Australia. We have four nights in Honolulu and that's it. So until we are in the Pacific - cheers. 

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