Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 58 - Phoenix & Hawaii

Apartment buildings in Waikiki, Honolulu. Taken from our hotel balcony

Another picture from our hotel balcony in Waikiki. The direction is north and to the mountains of Oahu.

From our balcony again, this time looking south-west to the Pacific Ocean. Australia is beyond the horizon.

The huge Ross store in Waikiki, Honolulu. The amount of clothing in this store is amazing. Most clothing are inexpensive and a good alternative to those design label garments that are located in the boutique shops around the corner.

Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki by night. This street is crowded all day long - but more so at night. A good percentage are Japanese tourists

A 5 am wake up made us catch our 8 am flight from Phoenix to Hawaii. Our routine going through security and check-in is the same. A you go through the security cage its: shoes off, remove all metal and no liquids in personal carry-on bags. Our flight took six hours and uneventful. We check-in to our Holiday Inn hotel at Waikiki at 1 pm local time (Hawaii is three hours behind Phoenix) and immediately hit Dukes Bar across the road. Our bar-friend Justin was there and made us welcome as he normally does. A few Lava Flows later and an early dinner we were ready to crash. After a brief nanna-nap we bought some really cheap clothes for Lakeyn and retired. Basically it was a 27 day for us today. We don't have any tours tomorrow however we will stroll to Ala Moana Mall and finish all our shopping. Also we may visit the Hawaii Place and State Capitol building in Honolulu. There is a 12 noon social dancing event at the Palladium - so we may try to remember our West Coast Swing routine and just as important our normal dances that we love back in Australia. Cheers........only four more days before we return to Australia!!

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