Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 56 - Phoenix

Without Ralph we had to catch the light-rail in Phoenix, Arizona. These people movers are excellent - a $2 ticket will take you anywhere along the line. Or for $4 you have a day pass.

At the 19th Ave/Montebello light-rail terminus in Phoenix the cleaner discovered a seat that was wet. Whatever the moisture was is irrelevant. All he did was take out a section and replace it with a clean item - how cool is that?

Corner of Jefferson and 2nd Streets Phoenix. The temperature is about 106 deg F. Our hotel is located two blocks away where the round revolving tower on top of the far building.

Our Hyatt Regency hotel in Phoenix, the has a cooling system outside their door - fine water spray. Refreshing in the extreme heat of the day.

Even our restaurant next door to the hotel in Phoenix has that same water spray system. The food on their menu are huge. Two people could easily share one meal. 

Yesterday it was Ralph's day ... and then he left us - sob sob. And today it is Anne's day. It is a Sunday and the center of Phoenix is quiet. So we caught the light-rail to the Montecello Shopping Mall (about 12 miles north of our hotel) and visited the Walmart. It will be our last visit to this great shop and we didn't buy anything there. But....Anne went to their hairdresser and spent two hours with a cut, colour and foiled hair do. Also a special pendant was bought at JC Penny. We returned to our hotel about 3pm and after a couple of beverages of the alcohol type started packing our bags for the flight to Honolulu in two days time. We need to do this today as tomorrow we have a 11 hour tour of the Sonora Desert in Arizona. It will be hot so we will don our hats and slap on the Coppertone and will let the guide show us the desert. Cheers.  

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