Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 46 - New Orleans

This guy is everywhere in the French Quarter. We felt sorry for the stuffed dog - he just stands in one spot. This guy poses without moving for over an hour whew!!!

Now this is jazz. In Jackson Square, New Orleans

There are many, many, many decorative buildings in the French Quarter, New Orleans - this is just one with nice greenery. Never walk under this as owners are always watering their plants and almost floods the footpath

For Anne's birthday we had dinner at Nola's an up market restaurant in the French Quarter. We had creole meals and a great dessert....but to top of it all this contraption is a Absinthe water device.. Water just dribbles onto a sugar cube and hence mixes with the Absinthe. Now Absinthe is a strong alcoholic drink made from aniseed. Absinthe is clear but mix it with water turns cloudy.

Nola's restaurant was busy for the fourth of July celebrations. The kitchen is open to diners and you can see how your dinner is prepared and cooked

After dinner we ambled down to the Mississippi River with the million or so people who are waiting for the fireworks to begin. This is the view of the river looking upstream about an hour before the fireworks started.

The crowd along the river foreshore is light at this stage - but it got real crowded when darkness fell

The fireworks started at 9 pm and went for 15 minutes. It was a great moment to celebrate Anne's birthday. There were two barges that fired the pyrotechnics and just as good as our Sydney events

Fireworks display over the Mississippi River at New Orleans - 04JUL13

Fireworks display over the Mississippi River at New Orleans - 04JUL13

Fireworks display over the Mississippi River at New Orleans - 04JUL13

As it was Anne's birthday today we did nothing today. The weather is humid and hot and we just walked down into the French Quarter at Pat O'Brien's bar for lunch, returned to our B&B and walked back into the French Quarter for our reserved dinner at Nola's. We had our table booked for 6 pm by our wonderful B&B hostess Karen and enjoyed the next 90 minutes having an expensive meal -well what the heck! After our meal Anne loved a dress from a up market dress shop near the Mississippi River and declared it was her birthday present. It was just a short walk to the foreshore and at 9 pm we watched the fourth of July fireworks. We can say this was not a fizzer as our San Francisco experienced last year. We watched alongside thousand of locals. We wandered back to our B&B and prepared for our journey tomorrow to Vicksburg in Mississippi state. It is going to be sad to leave New Orleans it is a wonderful city with lots to offer. Until tomorrow cheers.

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