Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 52 - Dallas

These black human-shape figures actually move. Located in the Northpark Mall, North Dallas, Texas

Our final West Coast Swing lesson at Studio 22 along Preston Road, North Dallas. Our teacher is Myra and she gave us some more pointers regarding the "feel" of West Coast Swing

No more shopping - our bags are full. Today was a rest day and we drove to two malls in North Dallas. We were looking for a soft cover bag for our extra "collection" of clothes and souvenirs. We did our washing in the hotel and at 5:30 pm headed north about 2 miles up Preston Road for our eighth West Coast Swing lesson. We did alright - we think! Our teacher, Myra gave us a good lesson and focused on our feet and hand movements. We believe we have the "elasticity" of the dance and now need to reinforce what we have learnt.  We head of west tomorrow into "deep in the heart of Texas". To a place called Abilene. This is not the famous Kansas town of the western movie fame but a large town that will give us the experience of true Texas. Also it is a good starting location for our two day journey to Phoenix. These two days ahead will take eight hours of driving apiece. Now Neil has a confession - it's rather embarrassing to a point. Back in Wisconsin, to pass the time away during those long driving hours we tried to cross off on a list the different state number plates we see. Well, since Anne has now poor eyesight this game failed miserably. Instead it was decided to take a photo and try to capture the entire 50's now become an obsession. Since Kansas City Neil takes pictures of number plates whenever possible - usually creeping around car parks and rest areas. What do people think when this happens? Crazy people we reckon. Sometimes we have to ask the driver if she or he is in the vehicle or nearby permission to take a photo of their car. Now how many photographs do we have - 48 out of 50. We have the difficult Alaska and Maine. Also North Dakota was difficult even though we had been in that state before we started this stupid game. The only two states to go are UTAH and HAWAII. Since we will be Hawaii next week this will not be a problem...but Utah vehicles are scarce. We hope to see a vehicle when we head west out of Texas. Our last day "number 63" is approaching fast - bah! Cheers to all.   

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