Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 48 - Vicksburg & Little Rock

After leaving Vicksburg we immediately crossed over the Mississippi River into Louisiana. We then turned north following this great river. This is sugar cane country and one would easily believe you are driving along the Bruce Highway in Northern Queensland

Approaching a small town in Louisiana we came upon a very tall and unusual water tower. As we got closer it was the town of Transylvania. What would you say to somebody if asked where you are from?

Still in Louisiana following the Mississippi River -  sugar cane for the unhealthy and soy beans for the health conscience

Louisiana is famous for its Tabasco Sauce. This is Panola a similar product. The farm grows cayenne pepper the main ingredient for this type of sauce

The Mississippi River at Lake Village, Arkansas

Our last view of the Mississippi River at Lake Village, Arkansas - it is still wide and mighty

We had our picnic lunch here at Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The fountain is on the Arkansas River

Can you see Ralph in the background? He is right next door to our picnic table at Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas is the state capitol. This is the State Capitol building. After seeing many domed buildings across the US they are becoming repetitious. Remember Bill Clinton....well he was a Little Rock politician before he became President. A famous man around these parts. Also it was the home of Nellie Forbush - who's she you may ask? Send us an email and we will tell you.

Trains do stop here at the Amtrak Union Station, Little Rock, Arkansas

We don't know what these buildings are about. Nevertheless the one on the right was photo-worthy. In Little Rock, Arkansas

The Robinson Center Music Hall, Little Rock, Arkansas

A Saturday matinee wedding happening along E Markham Street, Little Rock, Arkansas

This old lift bridge is now a pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River. Little Rock, Arkansas

View of downtown Little Rock from the Junction Pedestrian Bridge

It cost a dollar to travel on this old trolley car in central Little Rock, Arkansas

Not far from our hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. The colour of this 19th century building is far from bright, in fact it is rather depressing.

Not much to discuss today. Only that we left Vicksburg, Mississippi and took roads that are not expressway. In fact we actually followed scenic roads that follow the Mississippi River. As you can see from one of the photos above we drive through Transylvania and later we passed through Moscow in Arkansas. The countryside is all about sugar cane, soy and cayenne peppers. We left the Mississippi River and headed for Little Rock arriving there at 2 pm. It is rather hot today and the capitol city is quiet for a Saturday afternoon. Hardly anybody are on the streets. We did walk about three to four miles to and from our hotel to view the state capitol building and realise they are all the same. Domed and white. It was comforting to make it back into the heart of Little Rock for that refreshing drink at a cafe. What do we think of Little Rock - it is not worth the effort to visit. We chose this as a halfway stop over between Vicksburg and Oklahoma City. There is suppose to be a social ballroom dance just five miles from our hotel but nobody is answering our phone so we will give this a miss. Tomorrow we have a six hour journey to Oklahoma City which is westwards and therefore an early start is wise. After Oklahoma City we will start heading south-west to Phoenix and will hand in Ralph. So until tomorrow cheers.

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