Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 8 - Phoenix & Albuquerque

Anne at Mogollon Rim, Arizona - at 7,500 feet ASL

Neil at Mogollon Rim, Arizona at 7,500 feet ASL

This is the famous Painted Desert in Arizona which is located in the Petrified Forest National Park

This is the modern district of Albuquerque taken from the Old Town. This city is famous for its crossroads, north, south, east & west. The ground is so hard that we believe Bugs Bunny couldn't burrow through the city.

It happens all the time - picking menus individually and not sharing a meal - this authentic Mexican Restaurant "Sadies" gave us a meal each that could satisfy six beefy Ozzies!!

Our black Ford Mustang - we have nickname :Ralph" - at Albuquerque

With Neil still suffering from a head cold we had a wake up call for 6 am. This gave us plenty of time to pack, check-out and arrange a taxi to the Sky Harbor Rental Cars. The trip from the hotel to the airport takes about 10 minutes. It is Memorial Day in the USA, most locals treat this day as a time to take in some form of outdoor activities. However, last year we were in Boston during this day and the locals there ensured they have placed some remembrance time for their fallen - not here apparently. Well, after completing the formalities of obtaining our rental vehicle with Alamo we left at 8 am for Albuquerque. They gave us a black Ford Mustang - quite gutsy and comfortable. We headed north to Payson and on to Mogollon Rim. Not much to look at at the Rim however, it is at 7,500 feet high and actually rather a chilly location. The scenery was just forest and hills. On to Holbrook and made the Painted Desert for lunch. We were not that impressed with the scenery at the Painted Desert it just looked like a bulldozer had piled up red and white soil into heaps. Continuing on we passed Gallup and Grants into New Mexico. After 8.5 hours on the road we made it to Albuquerque - Bugs Bunny's famous phrase "I took the wrong turn at Albuquerque". It is a city nestled in next to mountains and a semi-desert and has a Hispanic flavour to it. We were recommended by the reception girl at our hotel to try Mexican food at a place called "Sadies. So off we went and knowing they would serve huge meals we decided to take a chance and select our own menu - big mistake. Neil had a Taco Burger and Anne a Burrito - both these meals would feed us for four days - honestly!! Tomorrow we have a short drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico's State capitol. Apparently it it located at a high elevation but nearby is the well known tourist town of Taos - which is about 70 miles on the other side of Santa Fe. Also on the other side is Las Vegas, New Mexico  not as famous at the one in Nevada but still notorious enough for a visit. We need to decide which one of those places to visit - we'll decide upon reaching Santa Fe. Also we have a 9 pm desert Astronomy Adventure viewing outside Santa Fe tomorrow night. This is a company that uses a decent size telescope and for people like us to view the stars in a non-polluted area. Should be great - cheers.  

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