Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 4 - Hawaii

Our Hummer 4 wheel drive vehicle

Neil & Anne from Waikane (east side of Oahu) with Chinaman's Hat in the background

The location scene of 50 First Dates Kualoa Regional Park, Oahu

Neil & Anne on location - 50 First Dates and other movies

In Kualoa Ranch - actual WW2 gun emplacements and a scene from Pearl Harbor

Located in Kualoa Ranch - a movie set from one of the latest movies involving lost civilisations??

Murder location scene from the TV series "Lost"

Trick photography re-enacting a "Lost" scene, located in Kualoa Ranch, Oahu

Background scenery from Jurassic Park, Lost and Pearl Harbour (zeros flying low just before they destroyed Pearl Harbour - instead of flying directly south they were flying back to Japan!!)

Another trick photo using one of the main actors in "Lost"

Godzilla's footprint

The sign says it all

Finishing our tour, taken at the Kualoa Ranch entrance - that Chinaman's Hat is in the background

It was good sleeping in this morning and took advantage of washing our clothes in the hotel laundry. Whilst that was under way we discovered a Ross clothing store around the corner. After three trips to Honolulu we didn't know that they existed in Waikiki - well Anne had a ball buying cheap clothes - their clothes and stuff are cheap. Had lunch in the International Market food court and was picked up for our Small Group Hummer TV/Movie tour at 1pm. We had a young Mexican couple with us and our guide/driver was a knowledgeable local who reminded sooooo-much like our Stu Whitaker who still in the RAAF - all characteristics were inherent between both these persons - uncanny!!! We drove across the backbone of Oahu where many scenes of the new series of Hawaii Five O were used - damned if we can remember what they were used for as we have never seen the show. Continuing on we made it to the north-east side of Oahu and visited many locations of "Lost" "Last  Resort" and some of the scenes from 50 First Dates. Not far from there is Kualoa Ranch owned by the Morgan family who has owned this property for six generations. Their property is a living cattle ranch, however they have leased their valley to the movie world. Many films and TV series were made there - Windtalkers, Pearl Harbour, Lost, Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, You Me Dupree, Godzilla, Brady Bunch Returns and many others that we can't remember. Overall it was a good tour and it was good riding a Hummer as we were off-road for many miles. It is amazing standing on the sites of famous stars and actual scenes that we see in their movies/TV series. Interestingly, we saw the spot where the SS Minnow left for their three-hour tour in Honolulu harbour. We returned to our hotel at 6pm and had dinner at Chili's. Quite different from our normal eatery at the Cheesecake Factory or Duke's Bar. We leave Hawaii tomorrow for Phoenix Arizona...on the 2:45pm flight. It is a six hour journey and they are three hours ahead of us at the moment. Therefore we will arrive just before midnight. In view of this we'll will catch up with our blogspot the next day. Cheers to all.

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