Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 11 - Colorado Springs & Cheyenne

The Colorado Springs Post Office building - directly in front of our hotel

This fantastic site is on the west side of Colorado Springs - tucked in between the city and the Rocky Mountains - great rock formations and trail paths abound

One of the many rock formations inside the Garden of the Gods - white and brown flavoured!!

This is the same brown rock feature as the previous photo - only taken from a different direction

This is why they call it the Garden of he Gods - beautiful trees amongst the rocks

Another rock formation inside the Garden of the Rocks, Colorado Springs

Passing through Denver, Colorado

The Rocky Mountains in the background near Fort Collins, Colorado. Last year we visited the famous National Park located just over these mountains

The State Capitol building in the centre of Cheyenne, Wyoming

Fancy cowboy boots in Cheyenne, the capitol of Wyoming

We left our hotel at 10 am and drove direct to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It is a great spot for the locals to trail blaze through the unusual rock formations and pathways. What makes this so great is the Rocky Mountains in the background. At this stage the tops of the mountains looks like it has been sprinkled with caster sugar. Today the weather was very windy - from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, but much more stronger in Cheyenne. After the Garden of the Gods we found a Macy store - yes we spent some more money on cheap good quality clothes. This particular store is located next the the US Air Force Academy, therefore we believe most items are below the average prices in other stores across the US. Through windy conditions we drove through the centre of Denver, Colorado. It is a large city surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Just north of Denver is Fort Collins and the border to Wyoming. The countryside is beautiful - green and idyllic. We reached Cheyenne at 3 pm, checked-in to our new accommodation and later drove to the centre of Cheyenne and wandered around the business area. Cheyenne is a small city or in Australian terms, a large town. The capitol of Wyoming and a real cowboy place. We had dinner at a Outback Steakhouse tonight and sat next to a local family. We overheard the loudly-spoken bread winner that he has been to Australia and the Ozzies are just like us. We rid our Indians and they rid the Aborigines -  true! It appears he is an expert on Australia and Australians. Just because he was in a restaurant focusing on Ozzie meals he became an instant advocate - he did not know that his next door diners were Australians - the cheek of him!!! Tomorrow we head east into Nebraska and at some point head north to the Black Hills of Dakota. We will be staying at a place called Rapid City for two nights which is near Deadwood and Mount Rushmore - until then cheers.

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