Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 5 - Hawaii & Phoenix

A typical Japanese Wedding -showing off to the public on Waikiki, Hawaii

Hardly ever used - the Farmer's Market in Waikiki, Hawaii

Not much to tell today. We wandered around Waikiki during AM hours and we were collected by our Shuttle Bus at 1230 pm for the airport. Checking-in was standard and waited in the Hawaiian Airlines Lounge for our call. The flight left on time at 2:45 pm and about 9 and a bit hours later we were in nightime Phoenix at 2330 hours. We had our transfer vehicle waiting for us and only took 10 minutes to drive from Sky Harbor Phoenix Airport to our Hyatt Regency Downtown. When we arrived there was all sorts of activities happening. Apparently there is a Comic Book Convention going on this weekend and the hotel along with the Convention Hall next door is the focal point of this popular event. Boy there are many "nerds" in Phoenix - all dressed up in Star Wars trooper outfits, hobbitts, Superman, Wonder Woman etc etc etc. It was so busy at that time of the night the entire complex was saturated with these people. Somebody had tripped the fire alarm....and the elevators were out. We had to drag our luggage up a couple of floors through the fire escape. Nevertheless, we hit the sack rather tired about 1 am. Phoenix is three hours ahead of time with Honolulu.

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