Saturday, May 25, 2013

Day 6 - Phoenix

We rode the new light-rail from our hotel to the terminus where Walmart and many shops are located.

The Phoenix Convention Centre next to our hotel

Comic Book enthusiasts playing ?????? board games in our hotel

Nearby architecture near our hotel, Phoenix

One of the many tens of thousands keen Comic Book people in Downtown Phoenix

This pub is owned and frequently visited by Alice Cooper (of rock fame).

Our three-wheeler push bike rider and guide "Greg" giving us the good oil on Phoenix

Old City Hall, Phoenix

The Phoenix Sheriff Office - home of the meanest law enforcer in the US. His tough treatment of inmates and crime abusers is world known

First thing this morning was a call to our tour agency in Phoenix inquiring about our hotel pick up for our Phoenix/Valley 5 hour tour today. Well, the response was all not good. Apparently there wasn't enough people to justify today's tour (possibly due to the Comic Book Convention) and secondly the scheduled tour guide rang in sick (again he was probably one of those Comic Book nerds who did not want to miss out on this auspicious event). Now, picture this, the tour company name is "Ma & Pa Tours" - doesn't that fit their namesake to run a tour for overseas visitors? Anyway it was an ill wind that blew good. We were literally tired from yesterdays travel and late arrival in Phoenix - we must be growing old!! In lieu of the tour we went by the new Phoenix light-rail to Bethany Home Road shopping complex and found a Walmart that helped us with goods for our forthcoming road trip. Also J.C. Penny was there and found some clothes for our little grandson Lakeyn. On our return to our hotel the Comic Book thing was in full swing. There must of been tens of thousands of youngsters, grown-ups and strange looking people in town. About 5pm we ventured around downtown and found a great cafe that served cheap and decent sized (Australian portions - not the huge plates usually served in the US) meals. During our repast we noticed a three-wheeler push bike rider soliciting people to take them for a one-way ride or a short tour. So we befriended "Greg" who pedaled us all over downtown and explained all the good stuff that goes on. One particular site was the Sheriff's Officer who has the worst reputation of treating his customers. He basically feeds them small amounts of water, little nutritional solids and is a mean son-of-a-bitch. After missing out on our afternoon tour (which we will be reimbursed) this short tour at 6pm (temperature was cooler) was a better way of enjoying Phoenix. For any Ozzies who wish to visit Phoenix, Arizona for the first time there is nothing much of interest in history or icons. However, Phoenix is famous for the Diamond-back baseball team who won the world cup and has a you-beaut stadium. In fact we went past the stadium just before hit-off time. The weather is hot here, very similar to Las Vegas (about 35 deg C) with no humidity. Tomorrow we have a ten hour tour of the famous Apache Trail and Desert off-road travelling (yes - this tour is definitely confirmed). We should have some good photos to place on the blogspot tomorrow night - cheers to all.

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